Software Solutions for Network Operators

The right IT strategy is a decisive factor for the success of a network operator. Our software Lovion BIS offers tailor-made solutions for the execution of technical business processes. Solutions are developed in step with actual practice together with the costumer and are based on many years of experience in the industry of the company.

Lovion BIS Networks, Plants, Meters

The software Lovion BIS was developed as business information system for the particular needs of network operators. The system is centred around a flexible administration of technical resources, which can be tied to the system via the special Lovion integration platform, or they can be solely managed in Lovion BIS. Thereby a unified display of all technical resources is achieved, namely of networks, plants and meters .

Only from such all encompassing perspective is an uninterrupted support of business processes possible together with a unified user guidance and a high level of user acceptance.

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