Meter Management Extension, New Installations, Periodic Replacements and Meter Reading

Disposition and Mobile Processing for Meter Management Services and Management of Equipment

Energy suppliers have to process many different equipment processes of varying complexities encompassing services from periodic exchange of meters, installation and de-installation of equipment to periodic reading of meters and suspensions. Additionally, energy suppliers are confronted with new challenges of intelligent meters. Lovion products for metering services and - equipment allow all equipment related processes to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Meter management

Creation of Tasks in Connection with SAP IS-U

In the Lovion system, control of metering related processes is achieved through tasks. In many companies, metering related processes are initiated by SAP IS-U, which creates messages regarding regular exchange of meters and also meter check readings and other equipment related services. SAP messages are transferred to Lovion where they are evaluated. Depending on the type of message, an appropriate task is created in Lovion.

Operations Planning with Lovion DISPATCH

Lovion DISPATCH is devoted to operations planning. Both, internal fitters and external service providers can be allocated tasks. Lovion DISPATCH offers an interactive GANTT diagram in which tasks and resources are clearly laid out. Planning is performed with the mouse by Drag-and-Drop. Unassigned tasks in the list can be dragged into the GANTT diagram. Available resources required for the execution of a task are displayed in a separate surface area. Results of operations planning, such as responsible staff, time frame (target date/deadline) are saved with the task that the system uses to transfer tasks to the fitters' mobile pieces of equipment.

Meter management

Mobile Processing

Mobile processing is possible on laptops, tablets or smartphones. Meter management services usually use smartphones or tablets supported by iOS (Apple) and Android systems. Staff are presented allocated tasks in an easily comprehensible to-do list which are shown for the day and the current week. Progress in processing of tasks can be recorded without network connection (offline) to avoid dependence on the availability of cellular networks. A connection to the server is established automatically as soon as a cellular network is in reach thereby updating the state of processing a task promptly to operations planning.

List of Equipment for Plausibility Checks

Mobile places of work include access to an SAP IS-U retrieved list of valid equipment, which serves for plausibility tests of serial number inputs, typically via a bar code scan. In addition to equipment, plausibility tests can be performed for other inputs, for instance meter readings are validated against a prognosticated value. In addition, a photo of the meter reading is taken for most readings.

Important Characteristics

  • Digital records of checks and forms for mobile processing
  • Photos of meter readings for documentation
  • Mobile processing on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Reporting of times and materials
  • Support for bar code and QR-code recognition
  • Plausibility check of data input
  • Confirmation of processes by digital signatures
  • Optimal planning of resources
  • Timely synchronization of data recorded on the move

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