Network Management for Efficient Economic Planning

Strategic Asset Management with Long-Term Prognoses and Network Planning

The core process of network management uses data available in Lovion to support strategic decisions. Overall economic considerations regarding operating resources or groups of operating resources are based on existing technical and business data which subsequently lead to the implementation of a sustainable and optimized supply network. Decisions, their implementation in economic planning and operational realization are offered in a single, fully transparent IT solution. Embedding of the core process of network management into the entire business cycle is distinct from isolated solutions because evaluations are always based on current processes and technical data.

Network management

Long-Term Prognoses for Network Planning

The product Lovion LIFECYCLE allows to investigate alternative action based on long-term simulations. Business aspects are considered along computer modelled technical evaluations. Long-term considerations serve the formulation of strategic network planning to provide a basis for short - and medium term economic planning within the system.

Assessment of Technical Resources

The basic module for the core process network management is Lovion RATING that organizes technical resources and relevant accompanying data for evaluation. Computer models for assessment of technical resources and groups of technical resources can be freely defined; predefined models are available for the divisions electricity, gas, water and long-distance heating.

Prioritization of Technical Resources

Lovion RANKING can assess technical resources, groups of technical resources, their structures and even entire networks, results are displayed graphically and in the form of lists to evaluate states and importances. Illustrations of rehabilitation and maintenance measures is based on a prioritization algorithm that can be modified by changing its criteria. The underlying method is the Reliability Centred Maintenance Diagram (RCM-Diagram) which displays state and importance of the selected technical resources or groups of technical resources.


Drawing Up and Monitoring of Business Plans

Short - and medium-term economic planning is supported by the product Lovion INVEST. Lovion INVEST offers a transparent view on target - and actual costs through close integration with a business system (e.g. SAP). Economic planning is performed by mapping measures to budgets. Projects of several years' duration are supported by use of time slices. Several options can be considered during the planning phase to lead to an approved business plan. Modifications to the approved plan during the year are administered as a new version.

Important Characteristics

  • Strategic and operative asset management
  • Assessment of technical and economic parameters
  • Network management on the basis of long-term prognoses
  • Transparent control and monitoring of budgets
  • Network accessment at the level of technical resources
  • Economic planning based on measures
  • Monitoring of budgets by orders

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