Network Operations with an Integrated View on SAP and GIS Data

Maintenance and Fault Clearance on the Basis of Codes of Law and Guidelines of Professional Bodies

Lovion products for the core process network operation support control and processing of planned and unplanned measures. The basis is formed by data of technical resources of networks, plants and meters that are administrated in Lovion BIS. The process is split into the sub-processes operations scheduling, maintenance/ servicing/inspection and fault clearance. A separate Lovion module is offered for each process. While all process modules can be used independently the particular strength of the system lies in the close interoperability of the products.

Network operation

Overview over the Products

The products Lovion WORK (operations scheduling) and Lovion TASK (mobile processing) closely interact and serve to process measures. Lovion WORK serves to allocate capacities and schedule operations. Lovion TASK supports mobile processing during field work. The module Lovion OUTAGE is used for the sub-process of fault clearance to manage interrupts and outages. The latter includes a reporting system for the BNetzA, DVGW and FNN. The product Lovion CONTROL covers the process of gas pipe inspection by external service providers.

Unified Work Management for all Processes

Control of processes (operations scheduling) is unified for all applications by the central Work Management system, which presents a transparent view on allocated staff, resources and third party service providers. Additionally, a unified monitoring of budgets in the areas of network construction, - operation, - connection and metering services is achieved.

Network operation

Main Rules and Regulations

The following rules form the basis for the implementation of products for network operations (most are only available in German):

  • W 392 Rohrnetzinspektion und Wasserverluste
  • W 400-3 (TRWV) Betrieb und Instandhaltung
  • G 465 (1) Inspection of gas pipeline systems with an operating pressure up to 4 bar
  • G 465 (2) Gasleitungen bis 5 bar – Instandhaltung
  • G 495 Gas plants and systems - Maintenance
  • GW 119 Verbesserung von Geschäftsprozessen durch GIS
  • GW 120 Netzdokumentation
  • GW 122 Netzinformationssysteme
  • GW 133 DV-gestütztes Störfallmanagement
  • GW 134 IT-gestützte Instandhaltung mit GIS Einbindung
  • FW 401 -Teil 15 Verlegung u. Statik von KMR für FW-Netze
  • FW 430 Fernwärmeverteilungsanlagen
  • FW 525 Fernwärmehausstationen
  • S 118 Erteilung von Netz-Auskünften
  • S 1000 Betrieb elektrischer Versorgungsnetze BG
  • V A3 Unfallverhütungsvorschrift

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Lovion products
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