Our Strategy Software Solutions for Network Operators

Platform for Queries and Processes

Technical resources (networks, plants and meters) form the core of all business processes of network operators.

Our software Lovion BIS offers a modular product landscape that can be individually adapted to the needs of a customer. It is of prime importance that all users have access to required pieces of information at any time. An information system for technical resources, business information and processes within one and the same medium therefore forms the core of the Lovion strategy.

Business processes of a network operator touch upon other in many points. Strategic network management influences renewal strategies as much as construction measures and network connections criss-cross. Use of a central platform for business processes thus leads to a significant simplification since technical questions of process integration do not arise. Ultimately, the unified platform leads to a cost reduction in the software landscape.

  • Technical resources form the core
  • Central solution for queries
  • Flexible platform for all processes
Lovion strategy