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Windows, iOS, Android and Web Diversity is a Strength

Heterogeneous hardware environments are no longer an unintended rare occurrence - they are encountered every day. Supporting them is not an option for Lovion - it goes without saying.

Microsoft Windows is the dominant operating system on workplace desktop computers, so-called workstations, and the size of screens has steadily increased over the years.

Easy-to-use smartphones nowadays play an essential part in mobile processes. Screen sizes vary, operating systems in use are Google Android or Apple iOS.

Devices with medium size screens include laptops, tablets with pen or equipment with multi touch.

Web technologies allow to access data via web browsers that are supported by any hardware. The inherent support of operating systems offers the best possible use of the hardware together with the possibility of working without network access.

The question of choosing between web or operating system does not arise. A software platform needs to use both technologies to guarantee optimal support of processes. Lovion does not support a technology for its own sake but chooses the best possible tool for each application.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Web applications

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