High Availability and Decentralized Use

Online, Offline and Decentralized Locations

Databases and web technologies require access to servers. But what happened if they were unavailable?

In addition to server databases, Lovion BIS provides locally replicated data. Data can be made available as files (Lovion replica) so that Lovion BIS can also be used off-line. Also, de-centralized locations can be run on replicas to avoid dependence on VPN connections.

Lovion BIS can also be used in work environments without constant internet access. High availability is part of the Lovion strategy, not an artificial extension.

Replication of data, synchronization, restriction to changes (deltas) and handling of conflicts are integral part of Lovion BIS, they are supported by the modules Lovion SYNC and Lovion MOBILE SYNC.

  • Online and off-line
  • Decentralized locations
  • High availability