Integration into your Infrastructure

Your IT Infrastructure Seamless Integration with Lovion

Integration into your existing IT infrastucture is integral part of our strategy.

Companies already have an existing IT infrastructure. Solutions that literally start on the proverbial blank sheet of paper are not keeping with the times. Integration into an existing IT infrastructure can be achieved with separate EAI solutions (middleware), possibly at the price of increased complexity and higher overall costs.

Therefore, Lovion does not regard integration as a third-party solution but as an essential part of its product strategy.

Technical Resources

Networks are documented in geographic information systems, in short GIS. Geographic data is linked into the software with Lovion GEO CONNECT that offers full support for all divisions.

Assets in ERP systems, e.g. technical workplaces and equipment, are further data sources of technical resources and can be linked into Lovion with Lovion ERP CONNECT.

  • Technical resources from GIS and ERP
  • Support of network topologies and hierarchies of facilities
  • Geographic visualization including all drawing specifications

Business Data

Technical processes always include a business component in ERP systems. Integration with orders, processes and other business structures is of prime importance and ensures correct accounting of all activities. Lovion ERP CONNECT closely integrates ERP systems into the BIS to create an overall solution.

Microsoft Office and Document Management

Documents form an integral part in all companies and are essential to many processes. Creation of Office documents can be configured flexibly with Lovion OFFICE CONNECT. Nearly anything is possible from simple Excel export to complex, pre-defined Word documents.

Document management systeme (DMS) serve to store documents centrally and legally secure. Lovion DMS CONNECT ensures close integration of both, storage of newly created documents as well as access from within Lovion BIS.

Flexibly Expandable

Software landscapes are subject to constant change - requirements for integration change.

Based on its modular architecture, further interfaces can be added at any time. Existing interfaces can be adapted to new requirements or new data structures. Development of tailor-made integration is offered as an alternative to standard interfaces.

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