IT Security to Protect your Data

Straightforward System Administration and Prevalent Standards

IT security is a complex topic, it encompasses organizational as well as technical aspects. In particular, handling of personal data falls under data protection.

User Administration

Lovion BIS can be integrated into the user administration of Microsoft Windows. By default, it offers integration into the Active Directory (AD) thereby preventing a separate user administration in many cases. The „Single Sign On“ approach prevents authentication with another password.

Alternatively, Lovion offers a separate user administration with focus on data security on the basis of encrypted databases. Passwords are saved as „salted hash“ making it impossible to read them out.

  • Authentication with „Single Sign On“ (SSO)
  • Active Directory (AD)
  • Encryption of data
  • Cryptographic hashing of passwords (SHA-256 + salt)

Users can be arbitrarily grouped to reflect organizational units and allocated roles in the authorization system.

  • Arbitrary definition of groups and roles
  • Representation of organizational units of the AD


Lovion BIS includes an extensive system to administrate user rights, it covers different aspects of the system and is valid for all products. User rights are applied to the following components:

  • Databases
  • Object classes / tables
  • Functions
  • Surface elements

The following rights can be applied: Reading, writing, inserting, deleting.

Similarly, display of data in object editors and tables can be authorized by means of a field authorization.

Protection against Manipulation

Mobile devices use local databases. In addition to a recommended drive encryption, Lovion BIS always saves local data with encryption. Thereby user access to data "through the backdoor" is prevented.

Configuration files can be digitally signed with asymetric encryption (RSA) making unnoticed manipulation impossible.

  • Encrypted databases
  • Digital signatures
  • SHA-256
  • RSA
  • AES

Web Technology

Web applications, accessible via the internet, require special attention because they are publicly visible.

Provision of sensitive data via web technologies requires a high degree of security guidelines and maximum support of all involved hard and software components.
All Lovion WEB products strictly follow the continuously evolving security guidelines to achieve maximum reduction in any potential security risk.

Current views and recommendations of the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) form the definitive basis for our developments. Thus our products are continuously security tested and successfully implemented in DMZ environments of any dimension, including server hardening, XML gateways and SSL certificates.

  • HTTPS with SSL/TLS
  • DMZ
  • Server hardening
  • XML gateways

IT standards