Modular Expandable

Flexibly Usable through a Modular Structure

The Lovion system offers tailor-made solutions for network operators through a suite of modular products. Our customers start from different initial situations and thus require individual Lovion solutions.

Small and medium-sized companies frequently desire a high degree of standardization for their IT systems. Lovion offers ready-to-use and at the same time flexibly configurable products that are based on current codes of law and IT standards. As a result, the costs of introduction and maintenance are low, and the system can be implemented and used quickly.

Large companies often utilize complex IT structures with a naturally higher number of interfaces necessitating a higher degree of customer-specific adaptions.

The Lovion system is highly customizable and designed to accommodate individual, distinct features. The system can be enhances with customer-specific new functionalities in new modules. The software architecture is based on components with clearly defined interfaces (API).

Modularly expandable

Modular software - Lovion