Processes and Workflows

Technical and Business Processes

Processes are multi-faceted. Network operators encounter a whole range of business processes from simple procedures to complex construction projects.

Easy-to-Use User Interfaces

Unified usability concepts and clearly structured interfaces are no luxury for optimal support of various processes but an essential pre-requisite for success. Success of IT projects is largely determined by user acceptance. Not only do intuitive usability concepts reduce the need for training but they are also decisive for successful introduction of IT solutions.

Centralized Management of Tasks

Lovion uses a central Work Management system to achieve a unified administration of tasks via which interaction with staff takes place. Each member of staff is presented a personal list of tasks and is thus informed in which processes require contributions, both for mobile processes as well as on site in the office.

Clear Status Models and Coloring

The status of a process presents fundamental information at first sight and is essential for the overall overview over a process. Lovion uses clear wording for status descriptions and a unified color-coding scheme, which is applied throughout the system.

  • Unified solutions for all business processes
  • High levels of user acceptance through simplicity and clear structures
  • Tasks accessible beyond individual processes through a centralized a Work Management
  • Clear status models

Lovion strategy